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Non-Profit Organizations and Projects

Bellow will list all of the non-profit organizations in which I am a member or projects in which I become involved. Each organization and project represents values and causes that are dear to my heart.

Citizen's Climate Lobby

Citizen's Climate Lobby is a nonprofit climate change advocacy group whose goal is to promote national policies to combat climate change. We are nonpartisan and intend to educate and encourage sustainable climate protections across the nation.

Center for Open Science

The open science movement aims to make scientific research and distribution accessible to all levels of society, whether amateur or professional. Knowledge is shared and developed amongst scholars and publishers through a collaborative effort in a transparent and accessible manner. We believe in publishing open research, campaigning for unrestricted access to information, encouraging other researchers to practice open science, promoting science communication and engagement, and making science easier to share.

Visitors are more than welcome to visit each link below and join.

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