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Formerly a graphic designer, I am currently a Ph.D. candidate and graduate assistant at the University of Florida. My past work experience has been in web development, multimedia production, and social media data analysis and management. I worked primarily for small businesses and independently. Formerly Tennessee-based, I'm presently located in the Gainesville area in Florida, though I am also available to anybody with an email address and need for a social media strategy expert.

My Philosophy

When I began my career in advertising, I was primarily concerned with helping companies sell products. Now I consider it my responsibility to assess a company's responsibility for sharing a message and contributing to the conversation on new platforms. In my research, I believe it is vital to examine the social media landscape, as well as the role corporations (social media platforms especially), play in creating that social landscape. This includes not only its effects on capitalism but also its political ramifications and effects on social structures. It's also beneficial to prepare a new generation of students to become future responsible brand ambassadors for corporations. Therefore, I teach advertising and public relations courses with a focus on not only helping students understand the process of creating messages for consumers but to guide them into being more aware of the responsibility that comes with being a brand ambassador while understanding the impact they have on audiences.

My Research

My area of focus is strategic communication and media/psychology. Specifically, I study brand/influencer social media management and the interaction with their followers and communities.

You can also look at my resume here.


If you are interested in networking, please feel free to contact me .

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